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From the desk of Phil Hughes

Re: How to solve all your email headaches by installing a simple add-in

Do you need to spend less time in your Outlook inbox and spend more time doing the work you’re meant to?

Hi, my name’s Phil Hughes.

In the next couple of minutes, I’m going to show you how to use an Outlook add-in to reduce the amount of time you spend sending emails.

FACT: People ignore emails

Email can be distracting. People want to move onto other things

Do you know that over 52% of people said that if an email isn’t personalised, they just ignore it and move onto the next email or task?

If someone’s name isn't in the subject line, they are 3 times more likely to ignore the email.

Email content that's doesn't reference to the recipient directly, reduces the chance that they will open your email by 65%. 
Studies have also shown that generic emails reduce the chance that someone will reply by up to 59% .

Here’s the problem you face: Most people tend to ignore emails that are addressed to multiple people. 

It’s even worse if you Cc or Bcc someone into an email, they won’t even acknowledge that they have received it.

I know some people that have even setup an Outlook rule to automatically delete an email that they are Cc’ed or Bcc’ed into. 


Send email after email

You can spend hours writing emails to people hoping they respond

I'm remember a friend of mine telling me how personalised emails helped her with her job...

She is an amazing Project Manager. Great at her job, so lovely towards the team she works in, even though they are spread over a few locations...

At the end of each day she would send out a single email addressed to everyone who was working on that project, asking for a quick update on how the development of a new piece of software was coming along.

Each day... RADIO SILENCE...

Does this sound familiar?

She needed the info to be able to feed back to her boss and manage stakeholder expectations. Which she did via daily catch-ups every morning.
She tried sending more personal emails to each team member each day, to see if that helped. 

It was along the lines of:
Subject: {Chris}, your update for today.
Hi {Chris}
How was today....

Just by inserting these little placeholders and emailing each person direct, responses to her email went up by 80% .

Only problem was she was spending more and more sending all the emails she needed to. 

She was managing other projects as well as this software build, which massively increased the time she spent sending emails.

Well you can imagine how long it took for her to email everyone each day. 


Which means she was finishing work later, and later each evening. Spending less and less time with her family.

Keeping clients happy

It's your job to keep clients and stakeholders up to date

As a PM you’re responsible for keeping management, the business and more importantly your customers updated with what is happening on a project. 

Last thing you need is to trigger a penalty clause on a project just because one of the software development team that now works from home missed your email.

Even worse, they chose to ignore it as they deemed it ‘unworthy’ of their time.

What happens if a customer’s email provider thinks you are spamming them and blocks your emails? Critical updates may not be reaching them, and you have no idea that this is happening.

Who do you think will be blamed? The email service provider! Not likely!

You have NO IDEA if people open or read your emails.
What about the reply to all madness that happens?

I’m sure you have seen this. You could be the one who is guilty of it.

Someone sends an email to everyone and their dog. Before you even get chance to read it, some hits the Reply All button and replied with:


Then someone else does it, then another person, and another, and so on. Before you know it, you have 10 new emails in your inbox.

I’ve seen this happen where someone accidental added a customer’s email into the ‘To’ field in Outlook. 

Turns out this guy was high up in the company and ended up getting all sorts of emails as people clicked ‘Reply All’.

I hate that button. Wish there were a way to disable it.

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution.

Let me introduce you to Outflash – The #1 email enhancement add-in for Outlook.

It’s an innovative new way to send mass personalised emails. It helps anyone send all the emails they need up to 35% faster.

Introducing Outflash...

Here's exactly what you get with the "Outflash add-in For Outlook"

This Amazing Automatic Email Sending Software Package includes the "Outflash add-in For Outlook" Software that works on Outlook for PC, MAC and in to send your mail merge emails including:
  • Outflash is a simple dashboard that runs inside the 'New Message' screen in Outlook. So you don't have to log in and out of different apps or websites, which means you will spend a lot less time each day sending emails.
  • Send personalized emails to multiple contacts in one go. So you can spend less time composing and sending emails, which means you have more time to focus on the tasks your meant to be working on.
  • Once installed, Outflash will be available to use in all official Outlook desktop and web apps. So you can send mass email, anywhere, anytime, which means it is easier to contact your team mates, stakeholders and customers.
  • Track any email you send to see if it has been delivered and whether someone opened or clicked the email. So you can see how each contact has interacted with your email. Which means you can tailor follow-up messages to make sure people communicate with you to increase ROI.
  • Schedule the sending of emails. So you can make sure each email reaches your contacts at just the right time. Which means you increase the chance that people will read your email and take action.

Who is Phil Hughes

And why should you listen to him?

Phil Hughes is a Microsoft Technology expert with over 14 years of email and automation software experience whose accomplishments include:
  • Graduate of The University of Manchester
  • Self-taught marketer and business owner
Work History:
  • Working as a software developer since 2007
  • Co-founder of 3 software based start-ups, developed and marketed 4 software services, 2 community websites and a mobile app.
Awards and Titles:
  • First Class degree in Computing Science
  • 2009 Innovation award for his work on commercial automation software for server installations.
Personal Info:
  • Lead developer for a Cloud based product range that added £6 million to the value of a company in just 18 months.
  • Sole developer for awarding winning automation software system.
  • ​Lead developer for a FTSE 100 company specialising in travel and email automation.
  • Spent over 10 years using his spare time to develop 10+ software products.
  • Ran a half-marathon with only 6 weeks notice and training.
  • ​Completed two Tough Mudders and a Born Survivor.
  • ​​Worked as a freelancer helping businesses improve their processes using software solutions.

The FACTS about email

Take a look at these FACTS about email

  • More than 92% of adults online use email on almost a daily basis.
  • 17.75% of clicked emails resulted in a purchase.
  • ​​80% of business professionals believe that emails increase client retention.
  • ​58% of people check their email first thing in the morning.
  • ​Email reaches about 85% of people
  • Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by 14% and conversions by 10%.
  • ​​Personalization drives a 17.6% average email open rate.
  • ​​Personalized emails have 29% higher unique open rates.
  • ​​And 41% more unique click rates than non-personalized emails.
  • ​Personalized subject lines increase email open rate by 26%.
  • ​The best time of day to send an email is between 10 am and 11 am (coffee break time).
  • ​The number of business emails sent and received per day is poised to grow to over 347 billion by the end of 2022.
  • ​The number of global e-mail users is set to grow to 4.4 billion users in 2023.
  • I​n 2020, the number of mobile users is expected to exceed the 5 billion mark

What you get...

Here's exactly what you're going to get when you subscribe to Outflash...

Outflash: The #1 Email Enhancement add-in for Outlook
Subscribe to our Outflash Standard monthly plan and start using our email enhancement add-in. Which enables you to send out all the emails you need to each day and still leave the office on time. Allowing you to spend more time with your family. All this from inside Outlook's 'New Message' screen.
Decoded: Compose AMAZING Email Subject Lines (£9 Value)
This user guide makes it easy for you to instantly write amazing and engaging email subject lines so you can avoid colleagues and customers discarding your well written emails and get even more replies. So you don't feel like a failure as a professional when your emails aren't responded to.
46 Proven Email Templates (£29 Value)
Ready to reach the unreachable, Get the ungettable? Get your copy of the exact same email templates that one Freelance Project Manager used to transform his entire life before he even setup a website! One newbie PM landed SIX new freelance gigs in one week with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE...

That's not all...

Act now and get these incredible bonuses...

Top 5 Podcasts For Project Managers (£29 Value)
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You're in safe hands

And of course you're protected with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If “Outflash add-in For Outlook” doesn’t make it push-button simple to write and send amazing emails fast… if it doesn’t take you by the hand to save a ton of time in creating your Outlook emails… or if it fails to help you write, professional, personalized, and engaging emails using Outlook for any purpose, then you will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!
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P.P.S. - Let's be blunt: If you pass on this offer, will you succeed with your emails using Outlook alone? Probably not!
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What you need is this done-for-you software from a person who has successfully "been there and done that!" with email automation and knows exactly what you're going through right now trying to get great mass email sent fast!
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